Welcome to 2G.

I hope that your child will be happy and enjoy this year in school.  I’m looking forward to working with you, and getting to know both you and your child much better.  I am here to help – if you have a problem or a worry, please come and have a chat with me so that we can sort it out together.  I know it feels busy and hectic at the end of the day, but if you let me know you’d like a chat - we can do so after the children have gone home.


Morning Drop Off – be on time at ten to nine!

Afternoon Pick Up – 3 o clock

A member of staff (usually Mrs Graham) will bring the whole class to the main entrance and come outside, lining up along the wall to the left of the main entrance (as you are facing it). To keep the children safe, we need to see who picks them up. Please be patient if it takes a little time to match you all up safely!   If someone else is coming to collect your child, please ring school and let us know in advance.

Reading at home 

Your child will be asked to return his/her reading folder on set day each week - please help us to keep this manageable in school by making sure your child remembers to bring in their book bag on the correct day.  Your child will bring home 2 books each week for you to share together at home.  Bookmarks with advice will be provided to help you to support your child at home.   Please use the reading record to record the date, book and to make comments and ask any questions about reading.  This book is for your use, to record home reading.  The reading we teach in school is recorded elsewhere. 

Homework – given every Friday, return every Monday

Homework will be given on a Friday and is due in the following Monday.  I do not want the children to ever feel upset or worried about homework.  As a mum myself, I know that sometimes you may have had a busy weekend as a family, and just haven’t had time to complete homework.  If this is the case, try to get it to me by Wednesday instead.  If your child gets stuck, just write a little message to let me know so that I can help in school during the following week.

Homework will include –

A list of spellings,




Our PE day is usually Wednesday. I ask that you simply leave a PE kit in school, and take it home to wash in the holidays, after all they will only wear it for under 2 hours each week.  Please make sure your child always has PE kit in school: T-shirt, shorts and trainers or plimsolls.  Ensure any earrings are removed on PE days.

Let's have a great year learning together.

Spring Term 2020
Our texts this term will be:-
Tuesday by David Weiner
Fangs n Fire by Chris Mould
a range of biographies on Florence Nightingale
We will be developing our narrative writing skills, including imaginative description and widening our vocabulary choices.  We will be presenting information in clear paragraphs to write a report on the life of Florence Nightingale.  We will be exploring the theme of dragons by comparing a series of short tales in different styles, from different countries.  We will look at a range of dragon themed poetry, and write instructions on how to look after a dragon as well as a persuasive piece of writing considering whether dragons are good or bad.
This term we will be covering division, statistics, properties of shape and fractions.  We will be continuing to embed work on place value, addition and subtraction and telling the time (analogue clocks).
Our theme is Materials and their uses.  We will be learning about a wide range of materials and their properties and carrying out simple practicals designed by the children to test the suitability of a material for a particular task.
Through studying the life of Florence Nightingale we will be continuing our work on understanding and using timelines, making links to our work on The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead (1854), by continuing to explore the Victorian age.  We will be handling artefacts and and working out what clues they can give us Florence's life and Victorian times.  We will be reflecting on why Florence is remembered - what made her so influential?
In the second half of Spring Term, we will be exploring hot and cold places (more to follow in Spring B).
This term we are thinking about Christian beliefs.  The key concept for reflection is the gospel - what is the good news that Jesus brings?
We are doing games this term, developing ball skills: throwing, catching, rolling and kicking.  We are learning to work in teams, considering the tactics of invasion games and working on developing a sense of attack and defense.
Our topic is called "I Wanna Play in a Band" this term.  We are looking into the genre of 'rock' and developing our ability to listen to and appraise music using musical terms.  We will be using glockenspiels and our voices to improvise and contribute to an in-class performance.
We are developing an understanding of databases and branching databases this half term.
2G are continuing to follow the Zippy's Friend's programme which focuses on emotional well being and coping skills.  Our theme this half term is "making and breaking friendships".