Welcome to Class 5B!
 We are all in year 5 or year 6.

We go Swimming on Mondays this term.

We have had a brilliant first half term.

We enjoyed hearing Daniel Morden telling us fantastical stories at the Theatre Royal and then writing him letters to tell him our favourite parts of the tall tales! That very same week, we had a fun morning filled with different PE activities at Walker Dome (one of which most of us had never heard of before!).

We have been reading moving and thought-provoking poems written during the world wars and we have written our own class and individual poems. We have continued to follow Maia's journey along the Amazon in our class novel and have imagined ourselves arriving in Brazil for the very first time - we will do more of this as we launch into our new Geography topic on South America this half term.

Do bring in any interesting facts, thoughts or things that you have related to South America to share with the class.


  • Miss R Bayat


  • Mrs P Eagle

    Teaching assistant