Early Years Parent's Feedback

Early Years Parent Feedback
"I have been impressed by my daughter's ability to memorise the songs which she was taught at school.  She can also remember the stories well.  It shows that she has received good training" Nursery Parent
"My daughter has grown in confidence.  She has learned how to play with children her own age.  She enjoyed bringing home a new book to read every week.  She has learned to try new foods and eat her lunch.  I have enjoyed parents evenings and looking through her folder at the things she has been learning."  Nursery Parent
"We have noticed massive improvements for example
  • in the proper use of words in sentences
  • she reads by sounding out words
  • she asks questions suggesting she wants to learn
We understand that it is Early Years, but we are beginning to see signs of where her interests are academically.   The school trips have played a big role.  In order to encourage as parents we take her to places that she could learn more and continue to put into practice what the teachers have taught her." Reception Parent
"You have helped my son to be confident in all subjects.  You are a good influence on my child.  You have helped him during the school year to get certificates in the assembly and to be star of the week too.  Thanks so much" Reception Parent
"The way my child has settled into school with Mrs Johnston and me working together.  I think everything has worked well like my son coming into school, the activities that parents can come in and join in with their children.  I enjoyed doing the activities I have been invited in to do (like STEAM week activities).  The thing that has impressed me most is the way me and Mrs Johnston have worked together to settle my child into school." Reception Parent