Welcome to 2G.

I hope that your child will be happy and enjoy this year in school.  I’m looking forward to working with you, and getting to know both you and your child much better.  I am here to help – if you have a problem or a worry, please come and have a chat with me so that we can sort it out together.  I know it feels busy and hectic at the end of the day, but if you let me know you’d like a chat - we can do so after the children have gone home.


Morning Drop Off – be on time at ten to nine!

Afternoon Pick Up – 3 o clock

A member of staff (usually Mrs Graham) will bring the whole class to the main entrance and come outside, lining up along the wall to the left of the main entrance (as you are facing it). To keep the children safe, we need to see who picks them up. Please be patient if it takes a little time to match you all up safely!   If someone else is coming to collect your child, please ring school and let us know in advance.

Reading at home – Return Folders every Monday

Bring reading folders every Monday.  Reading scheme books will be sent home for you to read with your child at home.  Reading books will be changed on a Monday.  Please use the reading record to record the date, book and to make comments and ask any questions about reading.  This book is for your use, to record home reading.  The reading we teach in school is recorded elsewhere. 

Homework – given every Friday, return every Monday

Homework will be given on a Friday and is due in the following Monday.  I do not want the children to ever feel upset or worried about homework.  As a mum myself, I recognise that sometimes you may have had a busy weekend as a family, and just haven’t had time to complete homework.  If this is the case, try to get it to me by Wednesday instead.  If your child gets stuck, just write a little message to let me know so that I can help in school during the following week.

Homework will include –

A list of spellings,


English based piece of homework (this is sometimes on a grid for your child to choose one piece each week)


PE days change regularly. I ask that you simply leave a PE kit in school, and take it home to wash in the holidays, after all they will only wear it for under 2 hours each week.  Please make sure your child always has PE kit in school: T-shirt, shorts and trainers or plimsolls.

Let's have a great year learning together.

Spring A
This term our topic is "Where do birds and hedgehogs go in Winter?".  We will be learning about hibernation and migration, and how seasonal change affects the habitats of a variety of creatures.
In English, we will be reading Julia Donaldson's "Follow the Swallow", reading and making our own animal fact files and information reports, and reading newspaper articles associated with animal stories.
In Geography, we will be using world maps and atlases to identify and locate specific countries, temperature zones, and track the travel patterns of migrating creatures.

In Science, we will be studying living things and their habitats as well as looking at food chains.
In IT, we will be using word processing skills to make information fact files, as well as storing information on databases, and using them to carry out simple queries.
In Maths, we will be covering Addition and Subtraction, Fraction and Statistics this half term.  Please continue to good work you have already begun on times tables - by the end of year 2, children should know the 2, 5 and 10 times tables by heart, as well as being able to count in steps of 3.
We continue to have regular PE sessions - please ensure that PE kits stay in school as the days can get swapped around.