Our Staff

  • Mrs Judith Sword

    Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader

  • Mrs Rachel Johnston

    Early Years Leader and Science Leader

  • Mrs Nicola Nichol

    Year 6 Teacher,Key Stage 2 Leader, English Leader and Designated Safeguarding Leader

  • Miss Naomi Purdy

    Early Years Teacher and Music Leader

  • Miss Katherine Walcot

    Year 4/5 Teacher and MFL Leader

  • Mrs Tiffany Wilcox

    Intervention Teacher and Art Leader

  • Mrs Sarah Edgar

    EAL and English Teacher

  • Mrs Alison Guthrie

    Computer Science Teacher and IT Leader

  • Miss Sharon Hannant

    Nursery Nurse

  • Mrs Beverley Gaul

    Year 1 Teaching Assistant and lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Patrycja Eagle

    Year 2/3 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Angela Monaghan

    Year 4/5 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs Helen Harrison

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs Linda Naylor

    Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Assistant, Breakfact Club Assistant and After School Care Assistant

  • Mrs Emma Hields

    Family Support Worker and Designated Safeguarding Leader

  • Mrs T Lake

    Attendance Officer

  • Mrs Louise Turnbull

    Business Manager

  • Mr Bryn Taylor

    Deputy Head Teacher, Assessment Leader, DT Leader, Acting SEND Leader and Safeguarding Leader

  • Mrs Kathryn Graham

    Year 1/2 Teacher Key Stage 1 and PHSE Leader

  • Mrs Judith Mortson

    Year 3/4 Teacher and Mathematics Leader

  • Miss Johanna Wild

    Year 1 Teacher and PE Leader

  • Miss Rebekah Walker

    Year 2/3 Teacher

  • Mrs Rachael Taylor

    Year 5/6 Teacher, SEND Leader and History /Geography Leader

  • Mrs Alison Harrison

    Year 5/6 Teacher and RE Leader

  • Mr Colin Harrison

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Judith Hall

    Nursery Nurse

  • Mrs Gillian Richardson

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Christine Hedley

    Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs Helen Lloyd

    Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Jacqueline Rutter

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Sheila Ternent

    Breakfast Club Assistant, Lunchtime Assistant and After School Care Assistant

  • Miss Joanne Bridgewater


  • Mrs Raj Singh


  • Mrs Lyndsey Bourguet

    Administrative Assistant

  • Mr Shaun Hayden