Welcome to Class 5B!
 We are all in year 5 or year 6.

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We are missing seeing you all every morning and hearing how you are all doing, but we trust that you are managing to share some time with your families and do some of the fun things you enjoy doing at home in the meantime. 

As promised, here is the video of Michael Rosen reciting his poem, The Rhythm of Life (Hand on the Bridge). See if you can learn it and add your own creative flare (you could perform it for your family or film it for your friends). Maybe listen to him reciting some of his other poems as well (I particularly enjoyed No Breathing In Class because it made me laugh)!

You can also find Hand on the Bridge at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4sCaAFkcwI


  • Miss R Bayat


  • Mrs P Eagle

    Teaching assistant