6N Autumn 2020

Hello Year 6!
I am Mrs Nichol and I'll be your new teacher in September. I am really looking forward to teaching you. It has been a strange few months and we've missed having our school full of friendly, smiley faces, I can't wait to be all back together in September!
Mrs Harrison will be our Teaching Assistant and we have lots of exciting plans ready to get you all caught up with the work you have missed. It will mean working hard but with hard work comes reward. You will know from some of the previous year 6 classes that we get to do a lot of exciting and different things together, in and out of the classroom.
A little bit more about me - I have worked at St Paul's for 16 years - this will be my 17th. Most of you will know I really love English and I've picked some great books for us to read this year (and hopefully to watch the movies too).
I've worked in many other school - I spent a year teaching in Milton Keynes- but I love working at St Paul's, we have the best school and school community. 
A little bit more about Mrs Harrison - she is fantastic at Maths! So far not many year 6's have managed to beat Mrs Harrison in the speed table quiz, maybe you will be one of them! She has worked at St Paul's for 20 years, this will be her 21st! Mrs Harrison loves Art and creates fantastic art projects for year 6 every year!
Finally from us - this will be your last year in St Paul's so it is important that we all work together to make it a good one. Have a fantastic summer break, we can't wait to see you all in September!