PE and Sports Premium

PE and Sport Premium Spending Plan 2016-17

At St Paul’s CE Primary School we believe that PE and sport plays an important part in enabling pupils to achieve their full potential. We aim to develop each child’s physical confidence and skills enabling them to lead healthy lifestyles and build self- confidence resilience and a sense of fair play.

We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our pupils.

Sport Premium Grant

All schools receive a lump sum of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil.
We had 206 pupils between the ages of 5-11 years in January 2016.
 The total amount of grant received is £9,030.

We will use the funding to address the three key areas for consideration, Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport.

Physical Education
Raising Standards for all pupils in PE.




To improve the confidence and subject knowledge in the teaching of PE.

Provide a variety of CPD opportunities
Share good practice

The needs of all pupils will be met through high quality PE Teaching
Teaching staff will be more confident.

To continue to implement assessment within the  Basic Skills Curriculum  

JW to train new staff on how to implement the assessment with the Basic Skills Curriculum. 

Two assessment dates have been booked where the Local LEA will work with teachers to help the assessment process. 

There will be raised attainment in PE gaps in attainment in Basic Skills will be narrowed.

Dance teacher will work along side the class teacher and create a bespoke series of lesson, that the class teacher will be able to deliver independently and confidently the following year. 

To improve knowledge and confidence of staff and pupils by working with Professional coaches.

Hatrick football KS1 & KS2
Dance Fit With Pip - Autumn 2 (year 2 and 4) 
Active Kids – tennis (KS2) 

To improve the provision of outdoor and adventure activities in KS2

KS2 Teachers to attend CPD and if unavailable JW to do a staff meeting with activities to show teaching staff. 

JW to look into having the grounds mapped and orienteering points fitted. 

Children will develop their confidence in outdoor and adventure activities. They will be able   to work as a team. They will have increased understanding of problem solving and mapping skills.

Staff will be more confident in delivering outdoor and adventure and will have a wide range of activities and resources to do this. 


Healthy Active Lifestyles
Ensuring all children have access to regular exercise




To increase activity levels at break times and lunchtimes.

Twenty Five  Key Stage 2 pupils to be trained by Hat Trick Heroes  as Play Leaders 
Attend Healthy Active Lifestyles events each term.
Ensure that the new playground equipment and resources are maintained , kept in good working order and replaced when lost or broken

Pupils will be confident to lead others in playground games.


Children will have improved fitness and the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Extend after school provision to include more active sessions.

Buy in specialist coaches and PE teachers to lead after school clubs


Competitive School Sport
Increasing pupil’s participation in competitive sport




To increase the amount of opportunities for competitive sport.

Develop a school sport competition calendar linked to the units of work in the PE curriculum.

Increase opportunities for competition by subsidising transport and releasing staff.

Design a team system in school to enable intra school competition

There will be increased participation in competition and provision for more able pupils.

Pupils have a clear understanding of team work, passion, determination, honesty and self-belief.