Secrets of Success

At St Paul's we teach the children the about the 'Secrets to Success' by Chris Quigley.
Our aim is for every child to have the tools they need to be successful at school and we use these curriculum drivers to support them to be positive, successful learners.
We have regular assemblies to discuss the different 'Secrets to Success' and many of the children enjoy sharing, during assembly, how they have been successful at school.
These curriculum drivers helps our children to learn about what will help them to be successful learners, successful friends and what skills that they can learn and start to develop now to be succesful in their adult life.
The children learn that there are eight areas they can develop to support life-long success. These areas are: 'Trying New Things', 'Workign Hard', 'Concentrating', 'Pushing Themselves', 'Imagining', 'Improving', Understanding Others', and 'Not Giving Up'