Packed lunch rules

7th September 2017



Packed Lunch Rules for St Pauls

Introduced 11th September 2017


At St Paul’s we aim to encourage our pupils to live a healthy lifestyle: eating well and moving more.


As part of this work, we are trying to support our families in providing healthy packed lunches. We have introduced these traffic light guidelines:


green = bring every day         orange= bring occasionally                red = do NOT bring in



What should I bring everyday?

      • Portion of carbohydrate (bread, pasta, potato or rice)
      • Portion of fruit/veg 
      • portion of diary (cheese, yoghurt)
      • portion of protein (meat, fish, eggs or beans)
      • drink of water 


What can i bring occasionally?

      • 1 biscuit OR 1 small cake
      • processed foods like sausage rolls


What should I never bring?


      • chocolate
      • sweets
      • nuts (some of our children have allergies from being in contact with nuts)
      • any drink other than water