Welcome Autumn 2022

Welcome to 2G
Dear Children,
I am looking forward to having fun with you this year.  It is normal to feel a bit nervous when things change, but you have no reason to feel worried about your new class.  I want you to feel safe and happy at school and enjoy learning.
I am here to help, so if there is anything that worries you, or you don't feel sure about something, have a chat with me and we will sort it out together.  We're going to have a lot of fun in Year 2.
A few examples of the things we learn include:-
  • Learning about events such as The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead, and about famous people like Florence Nightingale in History.
  • Mixing colour using paint in Art, and making our own printing tiles inspired by the work of William Morris.
  • Dyeing materials and exploring decoration techniques to make a bauble for the Christmas tree in DT.
  • Investigating hot and cold places around the world and learning about continents and oceans in Geography. We also find out about Australian animals and the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Thinking scientifically - asking questions, planning experiments and using the results to draw conclusions as we explore plants, animals and materials in Science.
What do last year's children want to share with you?
"It will be okay.  You will have a lovely time in 2G.  There will be lots of special activities like our class went to Beamish.  You'll love your year in 2G.  You'll learn even more about things and the teacher is great.  It will be a lovely time and there will be many games to play" Deborah
"If you are feeling nervous, do not worry.  You can talk to someone.  Just be yourself like you were in your old class." Purity
"If you are shy, just have a go!  Take a drink of water, or take a deep breath and talk to the teacher if you are worried about anything" Yasna
"I liked DT the best because I loved making the bauble for Christmas" Ella
"I loved mixing colours in Art" Tolu
"I like science because there are experiments where you get to test things out for yourself" Isabel
"My favourite memory is using Scratch on the computers, and using the Mr Men database" Amaani
Dear Parents,
Welcome to you too! 
I'm looking forward to working closely with you all to ensure that your child has the best possible Year 2 experience - we all want happy, secure children who thrive at school and feel loved and valued. 
This is a key year, during which the children will complete national tests set by the government in May (KS1 SATs).  At St Paul's, we set high expectations and encourage our children to work hard, and push themselves to achieve their best.  My job is to make sure that the experience of working hard is fun and rewarding for your child.  He/she should come home at the end of the day feeling proud of his/her efforts and achievements, and with clear ideas about how to improve and continue to make good progress.
If you have any worries or questions, no matter how small, do come and have a chat with me - I am usually available for a quick chat at the end of the school day.  I am here to help, and am always happy to talk to you.