Welcome to 5/6B

Hello everyone!
My name is Mr Hetherington and I have taken over the class since Miss Bayat's departure for Colombia in January. I'm excited to work with such a lively and enthusiastic class and can't wait to get started. I like being outside and am keen to try as many sports and languages as possible. 
Miss Müller is our Teaching Assistant and we are really looking forward to welcoming you into 5/6B. We will jump back in time to learn about World War 2, we will imagine ourselves travelling along the Amazon River in South America and we will discover what Anglo-Saxon life was like. If you have any questions, you can just ask me or Miss Müller and I am sure we will be able to help. There will be plenty of time to get our imaginations and creativity going after our summer holidays and I can't wait to see what you come up with for some of our projects! 
A little bit about us
I love all outdoor sports and am keen to share this passion with you. I also love maths so prepare to try lots of exciting maths puzzles.
Miss Müller is kind, helpful and usually has a big smile on her face. She loves Art and she is so creative that her drawings always leave me saying, "Wow!"
In 5/6B, we are always trying to work hard to do new things (me included). We also have lots of opportunities to do fun and creative activities that help us in our learning. 
That's all from us for now. Have a brilliant and safe summer and we'll see you all soon.