Mission Statement and Ethos

St Paul’s Primary School exists to glorify Almighty God, and to serve the community by providing, within the framework of biblical belief and behaviour, an excellent education.


As a school in which living to please God and the discovery of the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ is seen as dynamic, life enhancing, and beneficial for all people, St Paul’s School is a school which welcomes all and maintains a caring environment for the benefit of all pupils, staff, volunteers and visitors.


At St Paul’s we:

  • recognize and respect the uniqueness and individual worth of each person, created by and for God;
  • positively encourage the healthy development of each person, body and soul;
  • treat each and every person fairly and justly;
  • safeguard each pupil and staff from sources of harm (such as drugs, emotional and physical abuse, extremism, gangs, genital mutilation, neglect, radicalisation, and sexual exploitation);
  • encourage pupils to ask questions about existence and purpose, and to explore how such questions are answered;
  • encourage each individual to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence, and to achieve their full potential;
  • help each person to develop relationships (including with those who differ from them in respect of disability, gender, politics, religion, or sexuality)
    which demonstrate forgiveness, honesty, love, respect, and tolerance;
  • challenge complacency, selfishness, and intolerance;
  • value a balanced life of commitment and hard work with times of rest and reflection;
  • foster the happiness and well-being of all pupils and staff;
  • maintain the highest standards of achievement in all areas of school life;
  • encourage good links between the school, home, and the wider community;
  • foster life-long learning for pupils, staff, governors, and parents;
  • consider the impact of the teaching of the Bible on societies and cultures;
  • ensure that biblical principles underpin the life and activities of the school community.