At St. Paul's Primary School, we are proud to be members of our school community and we want all our children to feel part of their community and to represent their school. Wearing the school uniform helps us to do this.

At St Paul's our children wear:

•Top: Red Sweatshirt or Cardigan with logo (available from the school office) or plain
•Shirt: White short sleeved polo shirt with logo (available from the school office) or plain 
•Trousers / skirt: navy blue or black
•Summer Dress: red / white check
•Shoes: black shoes or black trainers 
•PE: children should wear a red t-shirt with logo, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers (in cold weather, a sweatshirt may be worn).


In the interests of safety and security, jewellery must NOT be worn at school.

children who have pierced ears may wear studs for school, but they need to be removed for PE and swimming lessons.

To reduce lost property, please clearly mark all clothing, bags etc. with your child’s name. There is a lost property box. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s property.