Reading at St Paul's

Reading consists of two dimensions:

  • Word reading
  • Comprehension

The Curriculum at St Paul’s will help learners:

  • develops pupils competence in both dimensions
  • Develops skilled word reading which involves speedy working out of the pronunciation of unfamiliar printed words
  • Speedy recognition of familiar printed words
  • Understand that letters on a pafe represent sounds in spoken words
  • Use phonics in the early teaching of reading to beginners when they start school
  • Develop good comprehension from linguistic knowledge and on knowledge of the world
  • Develop comprehension through experience of high-quality discussion with the teacher
  • Develop comprehension from reading and discussing a range of stories, poems and non-fiction
  • Be encouraged to read widely across fiction and non-fiction to develop knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live
  • To establish a love of reading
  • Gain knowledge across the curriculum
  • Increase their vocabulary they would rarely hear or use in everyday speech
  • Develop imagination
The curriculum in reading ensures that all learners:
  • Apply phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words 
  • Respond speedily with the correct sound to graphemes (letters or groups of letters) for all 40+ phonemes, including, where applicable, alternative sounds for graphemes 
  • Read accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words containing GPCs that have been taught 
  • Read common exception words, noting unusual correspondences between spelling and sound and where these occur in the word 
  • Read words containing taught GPCs and –s, –es, –ing, –ed, –er and –est endings 
  • Read other words of more than one syllable that contain taught GPCs 
  • Read words with contractions [for example, I’m, I’ll, we’ll], and understand that the apostrophe represents the omitted letter(s) 
  • Read aloud accurately books that are consistent with their developing phonic knowledge and that do not require them to use other strategies to work out words 
  • Re-read these books to build up their fluency and confidence in word reading.


To develop these characteristics they will explore the following key concepts:

  • Read words accurately: This concept involves decoding and fluency.
  • Understand texts: This concept involves understanding both the literal and more subtle nuances of texts.